You too can learn the secret to keeping the hula hoop on your hips instead of laying at your feet. This video shows how I learned to hula hoop in less than one minute.

I have rhythm but my coordination is not so good and when it came to hula hooping I was a lost cause until I met “Katie Sunshine” at MusicFest El Dorado. She was able to show me the trick to keeping that hula hoop rolling on my hips. I wish I had purchased a hula hoop from her at the festival so I could practice. Part of the trick to making it work is picking the right hula hoop. Smaller is not best for beginners. Look at the size of the hula hoop she started me on. It must have been four feet wide. For people like me that are hula hoop challenged, the bigger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep it going.

It took me two tries. You can watch the fun below. When I was able to get it going real good I started laughing hysterically.

I first saw “Katie Sunshine” performing with a hula hoop that was lit up with many colored lights. The hula hoop she was using during the “Sugar Ray” concert at the festival was really awesome to watch. From what I heard, she has also been in music videos doing her hula action.