Today on Power 95.9 we're going a little retro - you might have heard 'Bust a Move' by Young MC blast through the airwaves just now.

Remember Young MC? Are you sure? The guy was a little more complicated than you might have known. Here are five facts about the classic hip hopper (plus a classic performance of 'Bust a Move').

5. He's a smart dude.

Young finished a degree in economics at the University of Southern California before becoming a nationwide star in 1989.

4. He got started as a Tone-Loc collaborator.

The rock-sampled and smoothly-rapped "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," by Tone-Loc, were all co-written by Young MC.

3. He's lived through serious tragedy.

Back in 1994, his father was convicted of killing his mother, which put his dwindling success as a pop artist further on the wane.

2. He's been trying (unsuccessfully) to make a comeback.

Ever since his breakthrough in 1989, Young's been trying to top 'Bust a Move' - releasing seven unsuccessful albums since the monster "Stone Cold Rhymin.'"

1. He has worked with George Clooney.

Young acted alongside Clooney in the 2009 movie Up in the Air, making a cameo as a rapper at a software convention.

Check out Young MC performing "Bust a Move" on Arsenio in 1989.