Did you know that before there was Jurrasic Park there was actually a place in Arkansas in '70s called Dinosaur World? Unfortunately, the theme park along with all its inhabitants are all extinct now.

The only thing that remains of Dinosaur World is some old dinosaur structures that have been shrouded and covered in vines and wooded forests from the surrounded area. I know, because the last time I visited I was fairly young and it was a popular destination back in the day. Dinosaur World shut down and abandoned in 2005 near the town of Beaver, Arkansas. The park was also known for being one of the largest parks at 65 acres, and home to the largest King Kong, and the largest Noah's Ark mural. In fact, at one point the park was known as Land of Kong.

The life-like sculptures of the prehistoric era were designed by the same man Emmett Sullivan who made the still standing Christ of the Ozarks statue in Eureka Springs.

In 2011, the main entrance was burned down, the only thing that remains of more than a hundred sculptures of dinosaurs is maybe a few fossilized relics and these unique drone videos of what used to be Dinosaur World. Now I know what it must have felt like to be a Pterodactyl getting a bird's eye view.

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