Take a video tour of the renovated N.B. Finley Barnyard at the Four States Fairgrounds in Texarkana, Ark. 

There is new fencing and fans to help keep the animals safe and make it more enjoyable for all who wander through the barnyard to see and pet the animals. The barnyard is open today and stays open through the entire fair.

You can also meet the little piggies that will be racing each day on the track in front of the barnyard. The track has some new obstacles this year. It doesn't take those little piglets long to learn the track and those obstacles. Just a few practice runs and they have it down.

Each little piggy will be wearing collegiate vests showing support for your favorite teams: Razorbacks, Longhorns, Aggies, Sooners & LSU Tigers. Swing by the racetrack in front of the barnyard to root for your team.

The pigs have been in training for a couple of weeks and are ready to run.

Be sure to visit the barnyard between races and see what the little piggies do to prepare for their runs.

There are many other animals in the barn to visit.