The 84th Annual Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, February 26th at 7:PM on ABC. A  Night of Star Studded Actors & Actresses, some who have won or have been nominated in years past will grace the lavish Kodak Theatre in the the hopes of winning the coveted "Oscar". The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  will present an Oscar for various different categories including:Best PictureBest DirectorBest ActorBest Actress and list goes on & on but what about the unsung heroes who worked just as hard if not harder than the actors, actresses, directors & producers on this years award winning films? whose only recognition, is in the post movie credits that nobody ever see's. let's give these hard working people an oscar for their undying dedication the their profession. "And The Award Goes To...."

  • Youtube on the set of The Help

    In The Best Boom Operator Category.

    And The Oscar Goes To...Sam Watson! for his role as the Boom Operater in the much acclaimed movie "The Help"... His assistance of the production sound mixer as well as his use of the boom pole (or "fishpole") and microphone attached to the end, and holding the microphone as close to the actors or action as possible without allowing the microphone or boom to enter the camera's frame or dropping it accidentally on the cast members during those crucial scenes is what made this movie such a success. our salute to you Sam.

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    In The Best Caterer Category.

    The Oscar Goes To...Robert Lampkin!! For his major contribution to the well received film "Moneyball". The driving force behind Chef Robert Catering is Robert Lamkin, who first studied under the watchful eyes of some of San Francisco's top chefs, and then perfected his craft on the sets of more than 100 movies. Since starting with Kevin Costner's epic Dances with Wolves (on which the crew bestowed Lamkin with the nickname "Chef Robert" in response to one of his more memorable on-set "personalities") His untiring dedication to properly prepared food during the long hours, day or night, along with his ability to locate as well as relocate the food tent to multiple shoot locations and most of all, his spotless record for not one cast member on the set or any of his prior movie sets, receiving food poisoning, Helped make the film Moneyball an absolute success. Congratulations Robert.

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    In The Gaffer Category

    The Oscar Goes To...Bill O' Leary!! for his contribution to the making of the film "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close". Bill, AKA William S. Leary brought to this Academy Award Nominated Film, 31 years of experience as well as lending his lighting experience on this and several prior Academy Award winning Films. His Claim To Fame? "No One Has Ever Been Electrocuted On My Watch...Well except for when we made The Green Mile, but the script required it". Thank You Bill, You are the unsung hero of the film industry.

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    In The Payroll Accountant Category

    The Oscar Goes to...Hayley Lyon!!! Haley was considered part of the " Miscellaneous Crew of the Academy Award Nominated "The Warhorse" and was responsible for bookkeeping, bill paying and Writing the Payroll checks of for all of the famous Actors And Actresses and the not so famous crew members of this Box Office smash as well as other films such as, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Pirate Radio (2009) & Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003). Thanks to you and your contribution to the success of this Academy Award Nominated Film for Best Picture.

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    In The Sanitation Engineering Category

    The Oscar Goes To... Maria Gonzales For her tireless efforts of cleaning the Actors and Actresses of the Academy nominated Blockbuster The Descendants. Her dedication and work ethic are one of many traits that help make this movie a success. we heard that the Chili served at the after party left a grease ring in a certain actors toilet. Ewwww. Maria You certainly earned this award...and a Vacation.