Ready to get a little creeped out? There is a cemetery in Arkansas that made a list of spooky destinations that are a 'must see' along with two other sites.

The article by listed spooky destinations in every state that people might not know about but are totally worth checking out. Arkansas had three places on the list and one of the spots isn't too far from Texarkana.

Avon Cemetery


The cemetery in Avon Cemetery in De Queen Arkansas. There is an old urban legend that I've heard about but have never actually witnessed. Why? Because I'm just a little too scared to check this one out.

Here's What People Have Experienced

Legend has it that if you go to the well that is located in the cemetery and throw a rock down it that you will hear a baby crying. The story goes that before the cemetery was there the well was used for water and a woman's baby fell down it and died. If you dare to go at night don't be surprised to see a ghostly woman wandering the area in search of her baby.

There are Two Other Destinations in Arkansas that were on the list

Old Redfield Road in Sheridan, Arkansas

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash
Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

Supposedly, if you are looking for paranormal activity this is the place. Not only have people spotted ghostly beings on the road close to the cemetery but electronic devices like radios and even flashlights all of a sudden turn off! Yikes!

 Fort Smith Courthouse 

Google Maps
Google Maps

There was a judge that sentenced so many people (157 men and 4 women) to death that he was nicknamed Hangin' Judge Parker. 79 of them were hung on the property. Legend has it that those hung roam the halls of the courthouse and people have also seen Hangin' Judge Parker there too. Do you think he might feel a little guilty?

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