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KiddNation's favorite cash game is back, but with a twist!

For years it been you against the banker, having the nerves to go all the way to win $1000, $10,000 or more before the banker closes the vault door on you. Once that vault door closed you either won the last amount called our or nothing at all. There were some risky contestants with huge payouts.

Well, Beat The Bank is back, but without the banker this time. It's just you and your accomplice breaking in to the vault and grabbing bags of cash. Watch out though, because if you grab a bag with a dye pack, you're busted and end up with nothing.

Here's how to win multitudes of cash:

  • Listen for the VAULT ALARM and the CODE WORD. It could happen at any time during the show, so you've got to be prepared. If you listen intently, the cast will drop some hints along the way for when to listen for the vault alarm.
  • Be the correct caller, know the code and enter the vault with your accomplice.
  • Once in the vault you get to choose four bags out of the ten that are available. Each bag contains between $50 and $1000. But one has a dye pack. Leave that one behind.
  • Once you escape, you can open the bags one at a time revealing the dollar amounts. You can stop whenever you want and leave with what you've uncovered so far. Open the bag with the dye pack, you're money is ruined and you'll be busted and lose everything.

Beat The Bank: Money Heist. Weekdays during The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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