A Facebook friend shared a story on the growth of the area we all call home.

Texarkana is set to become a major hub for major transportation in the years to come. In the article on arkansasbusinnes.com the story goes into detail on the upcoming new highways and the impact it will have on this city in the years to come.

"Ten years ago, Texarkana had only one interstate. Today, it has the visible makings of three. (One more than West Memphis, the reigning hot spot in Arkansas for busy interstate junctions.) With $513 million to be saved annually by transportation companies across the seven-state area to be served by I-49 and the fast-approaching status of I-69 from the south, it’s a safe bet Texarkana will remain in the middle of it all for decades to come."

Being a life long resident of this area it makes me happy to know that we will have an uptick in the job market. We have always strived to make this city prosperous and the possibilties for its growth are endless with the major higways and all that they bring to our proverbial economic table.

What do you think about this story and the economic growth potential that Texarkana has in the next few years?

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