This will be the only story you hear or read from me regarding Mother's Day this year. No nifty suggestions for gifts or ideas of where to take mom to lunch. I lost my mom to an unforgiving disease last May. This is a particularly difficult holiday for me but I when I saw this story, I wanted to pay tribute to the fabulous mom that I had.In honor of Mother's Day, Smith Magazine did a story asking for "Six Word Momoirs" (A memoir about mom). A cute play on words. The challenge is to describe your mother, and pay tribute to her sacrifice, in only 6 words. Pretty cool I think so tell me what would your six words about your mom be.

Here are some of the Momoirs the magazine has received so far:

She gave me roots, then wings

Always humming a song to herself

Sometimes mom needs a time out

Not enough therapy in the world

Sailors' mouth, bakers' touch, lions' heart

My perfect mom, understands imperfect me

So many socks, so little time

Unconditional love, best tuna fish sandwiches

You can see more Momoirs on their website. I have so many that I could say about my mom--here are a few that just popped into my head:

My best friend, the best mom. The glue that held us together. Super woman, she could fix anything. Home base, the best cook ever! Warmth and comfort, we miss you.

If your mom is still on this earth be sure to let her know how much you love her and tell her how much she means to you.

Post a reply to this blog and tell me what six words would you use to describe your mom?