At age 23, Taylor Swift is young, and most people would agree that she's beautiful as well.  But the Grammy-winning star says she's already worrying about what will happen to her when she gets old and gray, and wondering if she'll know when it's time to hang up her microphone.

Taylor says, "I think about the future a lot.  That's when I start to get very confused.  Essentially, you can't make big decisions like 'When am I gonna take a break?  When am I going to start to slow down?  When is my hair going to start to go gray?  Am I going to dye it or am I going to let it go gray?  How am I going to handle wrinkles?'  You can't make those decisions until you're in that position."

She adds, "I'd like to think that in all aspects of my life I'll know the right time to leave the party.  But you can't know when to leave the party until you're in the room."

For the time being, though, Taylor's doing just fine dominating the music world.  And she tells the paper that she's fine with being pegged as the artist who's famous for her breakup anthems.

"Breakups are hard," she says.  "And you need music to get through them.  I am happy to be your go-to breakup musician...The heartbroken are a special kind of people.  When you're in that spot, when you're going through it,  I'll be there to hold your hand."