Remember the mom that got into hot water over taking her daughter to a tanning booth? Patricia 'Tan Mom' Krentcil was supposed to attend a roast in her honor called "Tan Mom at Hot Mess" at XL Cabaret on August 29, 2012 in New York City, but she must have thought she was supposed to 'get toasted' because that is exactly what she did.

Hot Mess is a drag show in New York City. Hot Mess members Bianca Del Rio and Lady Bunny tried to roast 'Tan Mom' but it did not go well. It was so bad at one point that 'Tan Mom' fell against the photo back drop on the red carpet and slid down to the ground. She laughed all the way down so at least she was having a good time while she was making a complete idiot of herself. This was before the event even started. 'Tan Mom' eventually made it on stage, but she was so incoherent that they finally just kicked her off the stage.

Here are more photos from the red carpet