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Texas Governor Delivers Statewide Address On Winter Weather Response
Last night. Governor Greg Abbott delivered a televised statewide address on the state's response to recent power outages caused by the severe winter weather as well as the actions the state is taking to ensure the reliability of Texas’ power infrastructure. If you missed it we have the address in its entirety here plus the transcript below.
Winter Storm Has Passed, But Icy Hazards Still Remain
Be careful if you need to get on the roads. The roads are still icy and will remain that way for a while. Especially as we have another hard freeze tonight with a low expected of 11. TxDOT is reminding us that even though the winter storm has passed, icy road hazards still remain and will probably be around a few more days. It is still advised to stay home if you can as crews continue to clear roa
Rain & Cold
Farmer's Almanac is calling for rain and cooler temps in Texarkana this fall and winter. The upcoming spring and summer seasons are looking a bit wet as well. Here is the rest of the annual weather summary:
Road Conditions
With sleet, snow and freezing rain falling for a majority of Monday, Feb. 23, the roads were a treacherous journey to work, school and running errands. I ventured out today and shot video to show what city travel looked like around lunch time. Then I shot more video of my trip home. The videos show the areas of concern for travel the next few days until temps get high enough to melt what is left o
The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Texarkana area. This warning means it is likely that precipitation will tonight transition from rain to a mix of ice and perhaps snow for some of the four state's region, including Texarkana, as arctic air moves in and temperatures fall below freezing.

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