Here is The Best Way to Get a Song Out of Your Head
Have you ever had a song stick in your head and maybe you even catch yourself singing it out loud as you stroll down to the copy machine or coffee machine at work? That can get a little aggravating especially if you only remember the verse "Turn down for what" or "Talk dirty to me&quo…
DJ Earworm’s Monster Mashup ‘Party on the Floor’
I absolutely love a good re-mix and DJ Earworm, Is the turntable mastermind who produces epic mashups like his 2010 ‘United State of Pop’ track ‘Don’t Stop the Pop,’ is back at it again with ‘Party on the Floor.’
DJ Earworm, aka Jordan Roseman, brought his mixing prowess to Capitol Radio’s Summerti…
PopCrush Picks the Best Songs of 2011 So Far
Sure, it's only April, but given the great year in music we've already had, that's plenty of time to collect a list of the best songs of 2011 so far.
That's exactly what the team at PopCrush did this week with their comprehensive Top 10 Songs of 2011 (So Far) list,
American Idol Hopefuls Sing Elton John Songs Tonight
Tonight on American Idol the Top 11 will perform Elton John songs. EJ songs are not the easiest to master well enough to make it past the judges' critiques. There has only been one other Elton John theme week and that was on season three. Who will do well tonight?