5 Chain Restaurants We Want In Texarkana
With Texarkana being so close to bigger cities we get to experience the big city shopping and of course the great restaurants. After our last trip to Dallas, I wondered why do we not have some of these restaurants in Texarkana?
Do You Agree?
The top 10 full service restaurants listed below are ranked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Do you agree with their list?
Free Kid's Meals
Let's face it, when it comes to eating out with a family it can get expensive real fast depending on how large your family is and where you decide to eat. And if you're living on a limited budget that can become very difficult for any family to do.
When you go to a buffet, ever wonder if you've eaten SO MUCH the restaurant lost money on you?  I know people that have been told to LEAVE the restaurant because they ate so much. I have also heard of some people being BANNED from certain buffets!
The Green Tomato made an announcement today that they will be closing their Genoa location on January 21, 2012, but the Lake Drive store will remain open for business.
Best Texarkana Restaurants For Valentines Day
With Valentines day just around the corner, the ever pressing question of where are you going to take your date is almost as big of a question of do you give them flowers or chocolate. I want to highlight three local eateries that may be the place to take your date on a romantic valentines day …