Smartest Dog
It caught me by surprise on Sunday morning just how smart my puppy Magnus can be. I mean, I know he is smart but for him to watch me weeding around the deck then to jump in immediately and start helping, well that's just amazing. Watch this video then you'll believe me.
Rottweiler Really Loves This Cat [VIDEO]
I found this cute video this morning of a Rottweiler puppy named Sam that really loves Aaron the cat. I have been a Rottweiler owner and can tell you from experience that they are sweet dogs that have a great personalty and a genuine care for other animals...
Provide a Pet a Pad
Shorty Brown, 1 1/2 years old, Chihuahua. Been at the shelter since January looking for a new home. He is great on a leash. He has a wonderful, fun personality too!