Sweet Momma Dog
Matron came to the shelter with babies, adorable babies. Those little ones have since been adopted but momma dog Matron is still waiting for her ticket to freedom.
Adopt Me!
This adorable orange kitty caught my eye and I just had to take him out of the cage to get to know him better and oh my goodness, he was so much fun. This young boy is playful and so full of personality that it was addicting to continue to play with him.
Swiss the Dog
Swiss is an adult corgi mix. She is a great dog to walk on a leash and could get you out of the house and on the road to fitness with daily walks. Swiss isn't much for playing games but she is a great companion.
Fun Loving Friend
This week we are really hoping to help Ashley find a new home. She is a one and a half year old Black Lab/Retriever that is possibly the sweetest lab at the shelter. She is a happy-go-lucky Lab with a fun-loving disposition and a fun water-splashing dog! She will make a great family pet or companion for a single person.
Marvelous Mouse
Mouse is a Terrier mix, small sized dog, that is approximately one to one and a half years old. At first he is shy but once he gets comfortable with you he is fun and loving. Mouse has a joyful personality, he likes to cuddle, he good with young kids and older folks and everyone in between!
Earnest Ernie
Ernie is a pocket-size Pitty. He is a funny dog that likes to run around and check out all the smells then come back to check in on his human. Ernie is a happy and gentle dog that is great on a leash. His happiness is contagious!
Adopt Roxy
Roxy is a one year old border collie and beagle mix that has already been spayed and she is house trained too! She is currently at the animal shelter in Texarkana. She is a very sweet and fun pup. She plays well with others and even a pig!
Standard Schnauzer
Our featured pet this week is a standard schnauzer mix female. She is beautiful with brindle colored legs and a black colored body. She is very sweet and playful. Her name is Tonya and she is pretty young. She will be very easy to train because she is eager to learn.
Adopt a Puppy
Our featured pet this week is a white pit pup that is full of sweet and fun personality. His name is Raccoon. He is very smart and already knows how to play fetch. When he brings the toy or whatever you throw for him to fetch, he will sit and drop it at your feet.

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