Fed Up
Remember that post I did the other day about the McDonald's workers wanting a higher minimum wage pay? Well yes, this is related to that.
Save Money
McDonald's Shamrock Shake usually comes once a year around St. Patrick's Day, but as the holiday passes, so does the elusive tasty beverage. Now you don't have to be in March (or Irish) to enjoy one year round.
Recall: Apples at McDonald’s and Burger King
The company that produces and distributes "Ready Pac" sliced and diced apples to McDonald's and Burger King, is recalling the product because equipment at their facility was found to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
Missa Bay, LLC provided units of fruit, vegetable, and sandwich…
Man Robs Bank With Apple Pies
This is just too funny not to talk about. A man held up a bank in Sacramento with his weapon of choice two McDonald's apple pies. Police arrested the guy, and questioned bank employees on the attempted robbery. Employees said the suspect that tried to rob them and held the apple pies and presented t…
McDonald’s Happy Meals to Get Healthy Makeover [VIDEO]
In an effort to help stave off childhood obesity, McDonald’s announced Monday that its iconic Happy Meals are getting a healthy tune-up.
Traditionally, the meals included a burger or chicken nuggets, fries and a soda. But starting this fall, a fruit or vegetable will also be in the sh…