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Jennifer Lawrence Unharmed Following Emergency Plane Landing, Reports Say
As we all learned from Sully, planes are not to be trusted. The massive, sophisticated machinery in these multi-million dollar aircrafts can be completely undone by something as small and minor as an errant bird, sending the passengers into a screaming spiral of terror. As pilot Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, Tom Hanks heroically guided an airliner into the Hudson River for a safe crash landing, and Harrison Ford survived a similarly perilous plane crash while giving his amateur pilot’s license a workout not too long ago. Another day, another celebrity-adjacent story pertaining to aircraft engine failure.
Jennifer Lawrence Tops List of Highest-Paid Actresses of 2015, But They Still Make Way Less Than the Men
A couple of weeks ago, Forbes revealed its annual list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, with Robert Downey Jr. effortlessly landing the top spot. This week, the publication has released the list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, with Jennifer Lawrence taking the number one spot followed by Scarlett Johansson — hardly surprising, but what makes this list interesting is that many of the women on it earn far less than their male counterparts.
Jennifer Lawrence Took Over For Dave Letterman as Host of ‘The Late Show’
Here is a brief list of things that happened during Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on 'The Late Show' last night: she sang with host David Letterman, the duo discussed tummy troubles, they chatted about bowling, they both totally biffed introducing a clip, Lawrence begged Letterman to not retire, they walked out during a live taping, and then Lawrence took over the entire show.
The Best Oscar Moments You May Have Missed: Jennifer Lawrence Trips, Travolta Trips Up and More
The 2014 Oscars were loooong. In fact, we can't be entirely sure that they're not still going on somewhere. So, you can't be blamed if you took a pee break, got up to get some snacks and/or dozed off and missed something. It's OK, we got your back. In case you missed anything, we have a full list of all the Oscar winners, plus this quick handy wrap-up of all the other fun moments you may have miss

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