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The Laziest Dog Walker Ever [VIDEO]
Taking the Dog for a Walk from Arnie S on Vimeo. In what can only be called the laziest thing ever, this dog owner is actually walking his dog while he is driving his mini van.
Bank Uses Its ATM Machines To Thank Loyal Customers [VIDEO]
This bank is doing something to make their customers day. They are turning their ATM machines into thank you machines and the results are super. Check out the video and let us know if a bank here in Texarkana needs to do this for their customers...
Iggy Azalea’s Song ‘Fancy’ Big Band Style [VIDEO]
We all know that Iggy's song 'Fancy', it is going top be one of the epic songs of the summer. Check out this big band flapper version of the song. It just goes to show you how much the actual beat of the music gives it its true personality...
This Poor Dog
I have owned a few dogs over the years and this dog is the worst treat catcher ever. In the video the poor dog tries its best to catch the treats but falls woefully short. The slow motion part of the video really had me laughing. Check out this funny video and tell us what you think...

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