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Please Don’t Super Size Me
But really...has anyone seen that Super Size Me movie? Besides the fact that it makes me gag just thinking about it, it's almost a sad testament to the state of people in the United States.
Vidalia Onions — Farmers Market in Texarkana
It seems funny for me to have my own garden and then go shopping at a farmers market stand but I didn't plant any Vidalia onions.
This is the market I went to today. Don't bother going for Vidalia onions because I just about cleaned him out this morning.
Farmers Markets in Texarkana [PHOTOS]
I'm usually at work when the farmers markets are set up. Today I got the jump on the beans before they were all gone. I think I could have turned a huge profit on my butter beans since I got the last ones. People were pointing at me so I knew I had some gold in my bag.