A Magic Pill to Lose Weight Without Changing a Thing
Do you wish there was a magical pill that you could take to help you lose weight without changing anything else in your life? I do! Remember how all you needed to drop down to your less than ideal skinny figure was a bad break up? Those days become fewer and fewer as you get older and as relationshi…
The Laziest Dog Walker Ever [VIDEO]
Taking the Dog for a Walk from Arnie S on Vimeo.
In what can only be called the laziest thing ever, this dog owner is actually walking his dog while he is driving his mini van.
The days are getting warmer. You know what that means? Shorts and tank tops season is just around the corner. Are you ready? It's auction time at SeizetheDeal.com this week and up for auction is a one year membership from Anytime Fitness.
Worst Reasons Not To Go To The Gym
I have used all three of these excuses, but one in particular is probably the worst: "I'm tired."  Here are the three most common excuses we use for not working out and why they're all lame.  Sadly, they all sound pretty familiar.
Just Get Moving
Several months ago I jumped into a healthier lifestyle. I started working out, eating better and using supplements. I was so excited to get out of the tired and rundown person I had become but something went haywire and knocked me on my butt.