What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
Do you have a pet peeve? Wikipedia.com say that a pet peeve  is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.
Did You Know That it is Illegal to Drive and Talk on Your Cellphone in Texarkana?
There is a law in effect in the State of Arkansas against driving and talking on your cellphone without a hands free device. It has not been widely enforced in Texarkana but that could be changing quickly. Now National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman is calling on a ban on all phone use while driving, including the use of hands-free devices. Is the Government going too far to
Are Women Drivers More Likely to Get Into Accidents?
A new study suggests that women are more likely than men to cause traffic accidents. Researchers from the University of Michigan analyzed at 6.5 million car crashes. They also calculated, based on the number of miles men and women drive, that if all things were equal, male-to-male crashes would account for 36.2% of accidents, female-to-female would make up 15.8 percent, and male-to-female would ma
Teen Crashes Into Two Cars While Allegedly Texting and Driving [VIDEOS]
Last week, blogger Sean Symons captured horrifying footage of a teen driver who crashed into the side of the road, then hit two oncoming cars, all while he was allegedly texting and driving. According to his YouTube page, Symons called the police when he spotted the texting teen, then pulled out his camera to catch the teen in the act. The original video was reportedly handed over to the police as
Guys Have a Hard Time Keeping Eyes on the Road
According to a new survey from Direct Line car insurance, guys get into more automobile accidents because they have a tougher time keeping their eyes on the road when traveling with an attractive woman. Finally! The proof we need for what we have always known.