Texarkana Blast From The Past – The Jefferson Coffee Shop
Lately, if you've been downtown Texarkana you have probably have noticed all the changes going on from the historic Grim Hotel to the bank building which are both being restored back to their original beauty. I went for a walk downtown recently and memories of my childhood started coming back t…
Zombie Frappucino
Starbucks is known for their unique drink concoctions and the most recent Unicorn Frappucino made the rounds on social media, but how about a Zombie Frappucino just in time for Halloween?
Area Shelter Needs Help
Randy Sams' Outreach Shelter helps take care of a lot of people who need extra help. And the shelter also needs a little help from you right now -- as soon as possible. They take donations around the clock. With colder temperatures dipping into the 30s and 40s in the evenings, the shelter has s…
Java For The Soul
Are you a coffee fanatic? Does your day begin with a cup of coffee? Some people just can't get through their day without a cup of Joe. When I was a kid growing up in Texarkana my parents liked going downtown to the Jefferson Coffee Shop, which of course is no longer there...
ATTN: Coffee-aholics
Coffee-holics rejoice! Someone sampled every drink at Starbucks for us so we know which beverages are the best and which ones are the worst. I am a double, skinny, caramel, mocha latte fan and don’t forget the cream, please.

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