August 12

Perseid Meteor Shower Peak Is Wednesday Night
Two things you can always count on in August, it's hot and the Perseid Meteor Shower.  The nice thing is there are no worries about masks or social distancing. Just step outside, chew off a piece of air, relax and watch the shooting stars. One of the great things about his year is the moon should only be about 5% full, known as a "Waxing Cresent Moon" and will set at 10:21 PM, which mean
Four More Deaths In Bowie County In 24 Hours
Bowie County Emergency Operations Center reports a total of 783 positive COVID-19 cases, with 323 recoveries and 51 related deaths. There are currently 409 active cases being traced in Bowie County. Cass County has a total of 185 cases with 128 recoveries, 8 deaths and currently 49 active cases. Miller County has 518 total cases, 55 active positive cases, 4123 negative results, 458 recovered and 5