Texarkana-Area High Schools Advance In The Playoffs This Weekend
This time of year is tough, finding the good gifts for the holidays, getting ready for company on Thanksgiving, cleaning the house... oh yeah, don't forget high school football playoffs. Congratulations to Texas High, Ashdown, De Kalb, and Pleasant Grove all moving up the playoff brackets this week. These kids and coaches can hardly think of anything else except winning this week and moving up to
Kansas City Southern (KCS) Holiday Express Stops in Ashdown
The 17th annual Kansas City Southern (KCS) Holiday Express rolled into Ashdown, Ark., on Wednesday, Dec. 6, right on schedule near U.S. Highway 71. An enthusiastic crowd of children and families was already lined up when I arrived to visit Santa Claus who was on board the holiday train.
Ashdown Fun Rocks
Ashdown Fun Rocks is a little group I found on Facebook and it looks pretty cool for the kiddos to do during the summer.
Good Times!
The 19th Annual Whistlestop Festival is making its stop in downtown Ashdown, Ark.,. on Friday and Saturday, May 1 and 2.