UPDATE: Nash Police Arrest Schobey and Morine
UPDATE: Yesterday we reported that Nash Police were searching for people accused of stealing a firearm from a vehicle they were detailing, good news, they have both been arrested and are now in custody at the Bi-State Jail.
The Texarkana, Texas Police Department arrested 21-year-old, Lance Rajohn Brewer after he allegedly fought with police when a traffic stop turned violent. One officer was treated and released from Wadley Regional Medical Center after the incident.
Fallen Patriot
UPDATED 3:00 p.m. ET: Former New England Patriots tight Aaron Hernandez end has been charged with murdering Odin Lloyd, as well as other weapons-related crimes.
Walmart Shoplifter Goes Nuts
Stay classy, Walmart shoppers! Police in Bradenton, Florida arrested a woman last Wednesday after she went loco when a store official stopped her while she tried to leave with a cart of goods she hadn't purchased. When initially confronted, 22-year-old Myra Mays tried to hit an employee with a bar stool she had stuffed into her cart. She then knocked over a display of gas grills, which caused over
Flavor Flav Arrested for Misdemeanor Warrants
Rapper Flavor Flav was arrested Friday night in Las Vegas after police discovered four outstanding warrants for his arrest. According to TMZ, Flav, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr., was initially pulled over at 10:57 PM for a routine traffic violation.
Rick Springfield Arrested for DUI
Rick Springfield was arrested Sunday night in Malibu, CA, and charged with a DUI. According to TMZ, police initially pulled over the 61-year-old for a traffic violation. However, when they noticed the smell of alcohol, Springfield was subjected to two sobriety tests. He failed both. The results: .10 and .08.