The Rotary Splash Pad at Spring Lake Park will be closing for the season on September 4.The Texarkana Parks department says that the splash pad will have a renovation done to the surface. All paint will be stripped and a new surface that is non-slip will be put down.

As you can see from these photos, the Splash Pad is a great place for kids to enjoy during the hot days of Summer.

wesspicher/townsquaremedia texarkana

The Pelican that dumps water on everyone underneath always gets a lot of laughter from the kids. Its beak fills up with water and when it gets full the beak opens and dumps the water on the kids below.

In this photo, you can see the boys waiting on the pelican with the water on them.

As the season draws to an end, the photos of fun will carry us through the cold months of Winter. You still have a few days left to hang out at the splash pad. There is plenty of parking and benches for you to sit on.