Gather ’round, children, and let me tell you of the time before post-credits sequences. You see, in those days, we didn’t even know that a movie could continue after the words ‘The End’ flashed on the screen. Once a film was done, it was done, no more movie, and we’d have to have to find ways to entertain ourselves. We’d turn to the person next to us and strike up a con-ver-sation about the movie we just finished, or we’d quietly gather our belongings and head to the exit. But you know what we didn’t do? Watch more movie. Yessiree, we made our own fun back in those days. You kids have it soft.

Seriously, though, Spider-Man: Homecoming will have two post-credits sequences. No word yet on what they are. This has been confirmed by writer Brandon Davis (via Heroic Hollywood):

A quick refresher, then. If you wait through the credits and watch one post-credits sequence, there’s still more to go. If you’ve watched two, you can feel free to stand up and leave the theater. Or, you can do what countless other audience members will do: get up, start to leave, and stand awkwardly around the exit when you realize there’s more movie to be had. And then, fearful that you might miss another post-credits scene, kinda shuffle in place for the remainder of the credits and make small talk with those around you. Maybe you’ll be self-aware enough to chuckle a little as the eight or ninth person pushes past you, maybe not. If you’re truly committed, you’ll snag a nearby seat and wait out the rest of the film. The dance of the “people who didn’t realize there were post-credits scenes” is often more fun than the movie itself.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing into theaters on July 7, 2017. With two post-credits scenes. That’s one more than one, and one less than three.

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