We were all dreaming about winning the big $1.28 billion dollar Mega Million drawing on Friday night. When we woke up the next morning most of us were disappointed. but there was a $2 Million winner in Arkansas and two Texans won $1 Million.

The Billion dollar winner was someone in Illinois with that ticket being bought in Chicago. But this other winner? Well, they haven't come forward yet and maybe they don't know that they have won $2 million.

Sean Gladwell

Have you checked your ticket for the numbers yet? This person matched 5 numbers plus the Megaplier.

Two million might not be a billion but it's still a lot of money and just think about all the things you could do with that money.

There were actually twenty-six million dollar winners in Match 5 and two of them were in Texas and one was in Oklahoma.

Zoonar RF
Zoonar RF

There were 6 winners that Matched 5 plus the Megaplier winners and one of those is from Arkansas somewhere.

So, just to be on the safe side. Get your tickets out one last time and check the numbers.

Flying lottery balls
Oksana Kostyushko

The numbers from Friday night July 29, 2022 were:

13-36-45-57-67, with the  Megaplier Ball: 14.

I know money isn't everything but it sure would be nice to test that theory a few times!

You can see the breakdown of winners on the Mega Millions website

Friday night's drawing was the largest since October 2018.

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