Looking for something to keep the kids busy and entertained? Be sure to check out the Spartan Summer Camp hosted by St. James Day School. There are still five weeks of camp for kids to enjoy.

This is for students 3 years of age to completion of 8th grade. Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5 PM. and half days are available too.

June 20 -24 It's Character Week

Hongqi Zhang

This week your child can dress as their favorite character. There will be a talent show too.

June 27- July 1 Mad Scientist Week


Kids will have fun with experiments with slime, volcanoes and goop.

July 11 - July 15 Splish Splash Week

Child on water slide at aquapark.
Gennadiy Poznyakov

Water slices and races plus learn to fish and make your own beach hat!

July 18 - 22  MVP Zone


Fun obstacle courses and workouts that will strengthen and tone.

July 25 - July 29 Blast off into Space Week

Dramatic Nighttime Sky and Clouds With Large Full Moon

It's all about space with star constellations, lunar exhibits and more.

Each will include a water day too!

You can get more information and register your kids at  https://www.stjamesdayschool.org/summer-camps

St. James Day School is located at  5501 North State Line
in Texarkana, Texas.

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