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The Texarkana Weekend Live Music Gig Guide
With the heat forecast for this weekend, you might want to cool off in some of these venues and check out some great live local music. Here is all of the great live music you can check out this weekend in Texarkana.
10 Dumb Texas Laws That Still Exist
Those of us that live in Texarkana know that is a city that is made up of Texas and Arkansas so we have different laws that exist for each state. I cannot believe these 10 dumb laws in Texas still exist according to the site Dumb Laws.
Do You Know What A Texarkana Roll Is?
Sushi. It is a word that gets some people excited, and some people make that eeew face. The ones that love it are very passionate about it and are always looking for that special combination of fish and rice to tickle their tastebuds.

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