Heres something from the "where Are They At Now" Files, Vanessa Hudgens is 22 years old but her new haircut makes her look like a woman going through menopause who told the stylist at the JCPenney salon to “do something drastic.” It’s not flattering. Thankfully, according to the Mail Online, the hair is for an upcoming movie role and wasn’t all her idea.


The former High school Musical star had her hair chopped for a new role in independent film Gimme Shelter. She plays a homeless teenager in the movie which is likely to be released next year.

Here are a couple more pics of Hudgens getting ready to pick up her kids from practice at the Hurley “Walk The Walk” National Championship.










None of them looked like Vanessa Hudgens. A few of the homeless women did resemble Taylor Momsen. One might have actually been Taylor Momsen. We wanted to ask but she tried to bite us.

What do you think of Vanessa’s hair? Is she still hot?