Despite reportedly breaking up because Rihanna had "tired of men," it looks like Ri and her rumored boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, are officially back on...if still a little rocky.

Just over a month after their supposed split, the maybe-couple was photographed in the midst of what looks like a heated argument while vacationing in Mexico, and Twitter is having an absolute field day with the pictures. In one image, Rihanna can be seen pointing and yelling at Jameel as he clutches his chest defensively. In another, Rihanna stares after him, frowning, holding a blunt in her left hand.

"i’m dead bc hassan looks like rihanna told him: 'men are trash!' and he’s about to hit her with: 'not all men!'” wrote one Twitter user.

Added another: "her man is looking hurt and rihanna looking unbothered with a blunt is SENDING me."

See more Grade A, gold-star tweets below. We know this is what you came for.

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