This black lab boy was picked up as a stray in Texarkana. He is super sweet. He was covered in ticks and has a sore back left leg. He let me pull ears and paws with no issues. He is super sweet and not very old, I'm guessing around 3.

He is a fun dog and very interactive with people. I can tell he doesn't feel too wonderful though. Just walking by he didn't seem to interested in anything but when I went in the kennel with him, he lit up. He just needs some TLC and vet attention.

This boy is so sweet. He gave me kisses and really liked getting treats. He took them very easy.

I left for a while and went back by his kennel before I left. He got a little excited and stood up. I could see that his back left leg is sore. He was happy to see me because I had given him treats, affection and pulled a bunch of ticks off. He could be your best friend if you adopt him today.

This boy was in the stray hold area last week but they were working on moving him upstairs to the adoption floor, as soon as there is room.

Dogs and cats are euthanized every week in our local shelter. It is up to the community to prevent it. Spay and neuter your pets. Volunteer to help educate citizens about the need to fix their animals. Share this post on your Facebook page and Tweet about it, too.

The shelter's adoption fees range from $40 to $144, depending on the gender and size of the animal or whether they have been spayed or neutered yet. You can also have your pet microchipped for only $20 at the shelter. That way if your pet is ever lost, he or she can be returned to you quickly.

If you would like to foster a dog, contact the shelter to get information about dog rescues in our area that can help.

The Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 203 Harrison St., Texarkana, Ark. 71854 and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM and 5PM and Saturdays from 11AM to 2PM.