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‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller Leaves ‘Deadpool 2’
One of the biggest Hollywood success stories of the past few years was Deadpool, the R-rated superhero movie from 20th Century Fox. From dead in the water to surprise box office smash, Deadpool became a perfect parable for young filmmakers who have a story to tell and won’t let failure stand …
What is a Good Excuse to be Two Hours Late to Work?
I need your help. My favorite show has a season premiere on Sunday night and then afterward there is a big thing where we find out even more stuff about the show so I know I am going to be super tired on Monday morning and I'd like to have a good excuse lined up so I can be late. Can you h…
Rent Space at Texarkana’s Indoor Fall Garage Sale
You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of stuff piled in closets, corners and storage buildings. Turn it all into cash on November 5 at Texarkana's largest indoor garage sale at the Four States Fairgrounds Entertainment Center. No matter what the weather is, this event will ha…
Register Now for the Dash For Cash 5K
Register now for Dash for the Cash put on by the Texas High School Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS). They will host their fourth annual event Saturday, November 5, at 9AM.

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