As I was getting ready this morning I looked down at my tired shoes and realized it was time to replace them. According to your average shoe lasts 500 miles. After that they need to be retired to some other non exercise activity or to the trash. After reading this story I realized that my current pair of Nike's are old.  I have had them since Fathers Day 2008!

They have served their purpose, but it is time to replace them. I like the design of the shoe, but as you can see they have seen better days. The soles are worn out the most. The still look ok after a trip throught the washing machine. I am looking for a good all around shoe, I also want a shoe that looks good and functions well for what I will be doing with them. I exercise a little, so how they work walking around the neighborhood will be a factor, and the will be worn regularly at work on our concrete floors.  I love  these shoes but they are beginning to hurt my feet. Do you

have any recommendations on a cool hip new pair?