Rihanna Tweeted some pictures of herself at a strip club on Tuesday.  In one of them she's getting a LAP DANCE . . . and in another, she's dropping dollar bills on a couple girls who are doing something rather naughty together.

One of the pics was captioned, "My daddy would be proud." Then yesterday morning, Rihanna Tweeted, quote, "Woke up repenting!  Feeling like a sinner."

Check out the pics here.  WARNING!!!  There's no nudity, but the photos are VERY unwholesome.Global Grind)

Speaking of Rihanna and Twitter . . . Here's an interesting Tweet she posted this week . . . quote, "Pisces are tender and caring, but frequently become the victims of domineering and uncaring partners."

Some people are assuming this is a dig against Chris Brown.  But as far as we know, their relationship is actually really good right now.)

They recently traded guest appearances on each other's songs . . . and a lot of people think they've Hooked Back Up.