William Shatner flew into space for reals today and as a life-long Trekkie, I couldn't be happier for him, maybe just a tad jealous.

New Shepard Mission NS-18 - Touchdown - YouTube

I don't know if you grew up watching the original series like me or maybe you're a Next Generation baby or Voyager or DS9 or the latest series, whatever... it all started with Captain James Tiberius Kirk from Iowa who took us on an amazing adventure each week for 79 episodes of Star Trek.

New Shepard Mission NS-18 - Crew returns - YouTube

The original series ran on television from 1966 - 1969, written by Gene Roddenberry it was successful for many reasons, one of which is hope. It gave everyone hope that here on earth wars and famine and most human misery had been dealt with and overcome. That all the real challenges in the universe came from outside our planetary system and people like Kirk and his crew were ready to tackle those challenges head-on.

New Shepard Mission NS-18 - Capsule lands safe - YouTube

Today, October 13, 2021, 55 years later, the man that played the part of Captain James T Kirk took to the skies and went beyond them into the blackness that is space, the real final frontier.

New Shepard Mission NS-18 - Shatner and Bezos - YouTube

At 90 years young it was in fact, a bold thing to do. This officially makes him the oldest human in space.

New Shepard Mission NS-18 - Afterglow - YouTube

I may be a little critical of Jeff Bezos from time to time but this was a brilliant move, I'm sure there are a lot of people that deserve a trip into space, but no one, in the mind of a Trekkie like me, is more deserving than the guy who brought our dreams to life on the little screen and the big one too so many years ago.

The whole experience changed him on a very deep level it seems as you may notice in the video interview below. How could it not?

Again, congratulations William Shatner, I still hold out hope that one day, I too will get to see up-close, the darkness that surrounds our big blue beautiful planet.

Tyler, Me, the Shat and Donna in 2014.

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