Some people seem to turn everything into gold that they touch. You know the type, the ones that always seem to be happy and successful no matter they are doing. According to, the people who are winning don't have anything magical. They just do things differently than those that who are on the sidelines wondering how to get in the game. Here are some reasons you’re not as successful as you could be:

• Laziness – Every single successful person works their butts off to get where they are. There are no shortcuts.

• Entitlement – You’re not owed a thing. Everything you want is there for the taking, but you have to take it.

• Fear – No more being afraid of looking silly. No more being afraid of what your friends and family will say. No more fear of anything.

• Negativity – Anybody in your life who offers discouragement needs to be removed from your life.

• Time Waste – How are you ever going to get anything done, or reach any goal, if you keep wasting time?