Over the weekend, mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio left 29 dead and dozens more injured. In the wake of the country's latest tragedy, celebrities came out in droves to call for an end to gun violence. For Lana Del Rey, that frustration and grief came out in the form of song.

The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share a recording of the new track, titled "Looking For America."

"Hi folks came back early from Montecito with my brother this morning and asked Jack Antonoff to come into town because I had a song on my mind that I wanted to write," she captioned the video. "Now I know I’m not a politician and I’m not trying to be so excuse me for having an opinion- but in light of all of the mass shootings and the back to back shootings in the last couple of days which really affected me on a cellular level I just wanted to post this video that our engineer Laura took 20 minutes ago. I hope you like it. I’m singing love to the choruses I recorded this morning. I’m going to call it ‘Looking for America ‘"

Listen to the touching song below.

Lana is gearing up to release her fifth albumNorman F--king Rockwell, on August 30, so we can't imagine "Looking for America" will show up on the project; however, we do hope it will get a proper release, whether as a one-off single or on another project. The pop star is also plotting a North American tour this fall. Check out a full list of dates here.

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