The Kardashians are known for going all out on Halloween, and this year Kim might have outdone herself. On October 31, the reality star shared a series of photos on Instagram showing her transformation into Elle Woods with the simple caption "Legally Blonde." Aside from replicating her iconic look with a blonde wig, pink slip, and Juicy Couture choker, she also posed in the sparkly green bikini Reese Witherspoon wears in the movie to float around her pool on a pink inflatable raft.

But that's not all. The mother of four also duplicated Woods' famed Harvard video essay shot for shot.

Aside from being a great costume in general, it's extra fitting for Kardashian. Earlier this year, the 39-year-old revealed that she's studying to become a lawyer and is currently working on a a four-year-long apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco, with the goal of taking the bar exam in 2022.

Additionally, Witherspoon confirmed last year that Legally Blonde 3 was officially a go and recently discussed who she hopes to join the new projectLegally Blonde opened in theaters 2001, and was followed by Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde in 2003.

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