Let's face it, kids love big trucks. That's not a gender thing either, all kids seem to be fascinated by big trucks and that's the idea behind the 'Big Rig Takeover' happening at your Texarkana Public Library next Wednesday, July 7, and again on July 14.

The Texarkana Public Library is all excited about their first in-person program for the summer of 2021, and it should be a fun one for the kids and maybe even a few parents too. You are invited to bring the kids out for their very first 'Big Rig Takeover'.

The first one will be on Wednesday, July 7 at 11 AM. The Big Rig that day will be a Fire Engine. The kids will get to see how a fire engine works to put out fires.

Fire Engine - Denise Kappa/ThinkStock

Then on Wednesday, July 14, also at 11 AM LifeNet will bring us an Ambulance for the kids to learn about and see inside of.

LifeNet Ambulance - Credit: Connor Young

For both events, they will be using the parking lot behind the library on Elm Street to give the kids and Big Rigs room to maneuver. Don't miss these first two 'Big Rig Takeovers', they really hope to see you there.

For more information about the 'Big Rig Takeover' event or any question about the Texarkana Public Library, call (903) 794-2149, or visit online through Facebook or TXAR-publib.org.

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