Rumors that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are super bendy reached these two kids in the UK. They apparently thought it would be a great idea to film themselves going into an Apple Store to bend them.

We even have their names, Danny and Kylie, but only because they incriminated themselves by saying their names in the intro of their video. It goes on to them taking a trip to break the phones on display at the shop by bending them up.

Realizing their mistake they took the video down as soon as they realized that what they did was a criminal offense. Luckily anything you put on the internet is usually instantly downloaded by someone that recognized that this illegal before they did.

I mean it's a proven fact that the phones will bend. I showed a video of it bending last week when it came out. But that doesn't mean you should go around bending them.

Do you crash your car into a wall and then blame the manufacturer that it broke? Apple has said that they have only had a total of nine customers in the first week that bent their phones on accident. Out of the 6 million or so people that that have the phones.

'Bendgate' continues and I think it was started by people that are just angry that they still only have an iPhone 4. My friend Martin still has a 4S. I could see him doing this out of spite. His cheapness still amazes me, and at such a young age. I can only hope to take from his example and be more frugal in the future.