Karrueche Tran's name has been thrust into the spotlight -- for better or for worse -- due to her relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown. Now she's addressing the hurt and betrayal she feels with Iyanla Vanzant on her OWN reality show, Fix My Life, on Saturday night (March 28).

Having dated Brown for the last five years, their relationship has been far from sweet and has involved numerous breakups and public spats. But when it was revealed that her beau fathered a secret love child, she decided enough was enough and washed her hands of the situation, essentially ending the romance once and for all. So when news of Tran appearing on Fix My Life, came to the light, more than a few people were intrigued as to what the usually reserved model would say.

The sit-down took place in Tran's home in Los Angeles. The chat between the two was pretty pleasant and saw the usually aggressive Vanzant using kid gloves on the 26-year-old and she treads lightly in terms of questions that were asked.

As for her reasons for appearing on the show, Tran makes it clear it is no cry for attention, but to set the record straight. "I want my voice to be heard. For a long time, I kept it very mute, just because it's the way I prefer it. But I think there's a lot of misconceptions about me," she says.

Iyanla asked about the origins of Tran's relationship with Brown and when they had their first date, which took place at popular hot-spot Norm's in L.A.

When asked how CB broke her heart, Tran responds by saying her pain came "from betrayal, lying and cheating." She also admits to feeling embarrassed about it, mainly because the "embarrassment is for the world to see. So most definitely I'm embarrassed."

After admitting she still loves Chris Brown, Tran's manager stops the interview because he doesn't like the direction Vanzant is taking the conversation. Tran reiterates her main objective is to let the public know she is a "loving, caring person and that she's human."

Of course the interview wouldn't be complete without Vanzant brining up Rihanna, whom Brown was linked to during his relationship with Tran. The latter admits to knowing about her former boyfriend keeping in touch with his ex, but she thought nothing of it because she was "under the impression that it was a friend type of relation." However, she admits that she knew, but "didn't want to believe it. Tran then tears up before regaining her composure.

Other topics include Brown not wanting to get married, which Tran chalks up to his maturity and lifestyle, as well as how long she made CB wait until they had sex, which was "a month and-a-half to two months" by her estimation.

She also confirms that she found out about Chris Brown's love child from social media, but did offer that he sent her a text saying that they needed to talk before actually seeing the headlines. When Vanzant asks if she's spoken to Brown since, Tran says "he's said he's sorry, dropped flowers off," but admits there's no room for reconciliation at the moment. "There's no making up right now, I'm trying to be my strongest and I know what he's put me through," Tran shares.

The interview is very interesting to say the least and is sure to get more than a few fans buzzing about the gems that were dropped during this very real conversation. Watch Karrueche Tran break down while discussing her relationship with Chris Brown below.

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