Jake Paul just admitted that his wedding and marriage to Tana Mongeau was indeed “fake.”

Paul made the big reveal about the authenticity of the “marriage” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight published on Friday (May 1).

“We all do things sometimes and sometimes you end up getting fake married,” Paul told the outlet. “So I'll leave it at that.”

YouTubers Paul and Mongeau held their “wedding” on July 28, 2019, just two months after they began dating. Five months after the “wedding,” the couple called it quits.

The Las Vegas ceremony was live-streamed with over 70,000 fans who purchased a $50-$80 ticket to watch the event unfold, Business Insider reported. The couple reportedly earned over $3.3 million from the live stream. Thankfully, numerous fans were issued refunds after experiencing glitches and poor quality.

Paul is currently dating model Julia Rose. Paul confirmed that his new relationship is not fake.

“Yeah, it's real, for sure,” he said. “My old relationships, there's a line where some of it's real and some of it's not. But this one's definitely real, for sure.”

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