Nicki Minaj delivered a phenomenal show at the Rolling Loud New York event over the weekend. But there was one moment that you probably missed. Apparently, a fan tried to grab Nicki’s wig during her RL performance.

Nicki Minaj closed out the 2022 Rolling Loud New York festival at Citi Field in Queens, N.Y. on Sept. 23. The rap superstar's hometown set didn't disappoint as she delivered the hits and brought out surprise guests like Lil Uzi Vert. However, there was a moment when a fan tried to grab Nicki's hair while she was performing "Moment 4 Life" a cappella style.

At the 11-second mark in the video below, you can see two hands waving as the Queen serenades the crowd and the wind is blowing her long black wig. When some of her long hair blows near the audience, a hand appears and tries to grab her wig. It looks as if the fan missed the opportunity to grab a handful of Nicki's hairpiece. Nevertheless, it was a weird moment.

Oddly, according to The Shade Room, a fan is allegedly trying to sell some of Nicki Minaj's hair strands for $12,000 on eBay. Currently, the bid is now at a whopping $15,000. There are also nine other listings that claim to have strands of Nicki's hair for biddings. Various bids range from $1.00 to as high as $7,000 for the rap vet's coif. Swipe left below.

While it may be weird to sell Nicki Minaj’s hair on eBay, it’s not as strange as what a Kanye West fan was selling on the auction/shopping platform. Back in July of 2021, after Ye’s listening event for his Donda album, someone posted an eBay listing for a bag of air—yes, air—from the album listening party. The person was selling a Ziplock bag full of oxygen from the sold-out event at a starting price of $3,333.33, plus $4 for shipping.

It’s unclear if anyone actually purchased the bag full of air. But, who knows, there might be someone out there who wants to cop strands of Nicki’s hair on eBay.

Check out Nicki Minaj’s Entire 2022 Rolling Loud New York Performance Below

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