A four-year-old who went viral for how she spoke to her parents is giving a master class for how to deal with online trolls.

Viral Video Of Calling Parents By Their Names

In less than a week, a video shared by a mom on TikTok showing her daughter, Remi, taking a strong stance toward her parents has amassed more than 21 million views.

The girl can be seen in the video sharing her preference to call her parents Kayla and Glenn instead of Mom and Dad.

"It's not fun," Remi declares before her mom asks her to clarify what she means. "Just saying mom and dad. I don't like it."

Several on TikTok have commented about how articulate Remi is for being only four years old. Others said they identified with her energy as she playfully storms off at the end of the video.

There also were people that used the comment section to give their own opinion (as one does on the internet) on parenting and respect.

"I'm 34 years old and I've never called my parents anything other than mom and dad," TikTok user Hope Soderlund commented.

Remi's Message For Those Who Don't Like Her Attitude

Remi's mom, Kayla, has since posted a follow-up where she asks her daughter what she thinks about people commenting on her now viral video.

"What do you wanna say to people who like your video?" Kayla asks

"Thank you" Remi says while working on her makeup.

Her mom then asks her opinion on those who have disagreed with how she speaks to her parents.

"What do you wanna say to people that are mean?" Kayla again asks her daughter.

Without missing a beat, Remi plainly says "I don't really care because I am funny."

Remi goes on to say she is a "good kid." We couldn't agree more.

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