A guest at Disney World decided to jump into a wildlife-infested river and then go skinny dipping.

The incident took place on Mar. 14 at Disney's Port Orleans Resort in the Sassagoula River, where transportation boats are floating by to carry guests every few minutes. Aside from the danger of being hit by a massive boat, there are several signs surrounding the body of water that state, "Danger: alligators and snakes in area. Stay away from the water. Do not feed the wildlife."

The entire moment was caught on camera by other guests and promptly uploaded to numerous social media platforms and Disney-centered groups. The video shows the woman getting into the river and completely submerging herself underwater. Later NSFW clips, show her taking off her top completely before getting out of the water and sunbathing in the grass. Ironically, the hotel pool was close by and easily accessible.

Other guests who witnessed the moment reported her to cast members at the resort. Witnesses reported that resort security discovered that she was a day guest and was kicked out of the resort. She allegedly was trespassed from property, meaning that she cannot return to any Disney World property, including their roads, water parks, theme parks, resorts, restaurants, shops, venues, etc.

Disney fans, Floridians and guests reacted to the woman's wild decision in the comment section of the TikTok. "Someone went drinking around the world at Epcot " one person joked.

Another added, "Never in a million bazillion years would I get into a body of dark water in Florida ."

"10 more feet is a pool. With a bar even," one person noted, while others pointed out that the resort boasts six pools in total. Numerous commenters were scared for her safety with the boat traffic in addition to the amount of alligators that are nearby. "Any body of water in Florida has alligators, even if it’s a puddle," another claimed.

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