A teen in a viral video on TikTok handled a rude, potty-mouthed customer like an absolute boss.

"POV: you remember you're that girl..." the video's caption said while Selena Gomez sings "I wouldn't wanna be anybody else" from her song "Who Says."

In security camera footage, a woman appears to throw something at the window of the snow cone stand Keke's Snow Balls.

"Ma'am, please don't act like that, you're a grown woman," the teen told her. "You're a grown woman! I'm 17. Get outta here!"

"Don't come back! We don't need your business," she added.

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In a previous video, the woman complained to the young employees about a previous transaction and requested they refund her $6.

After receiving her refund, she walked away before quickly returning to shove a fallen sign at the window and call the teen supervisor a "b---h."

"A few days ago, the customer ordered a snowball and asked to prepay for one for her daughter. Though we don’t usually do this, our team agreed. However, due to a shift change, there was confusion. When we refunded her, and closed the window, a sign fell. The customer returned, pushed the sign, and insulted our employee," the business explained in a TikTok caption.

They said that the employee is one of their "sweetest" workers and they are "proud" of how she handled the situation.

"We do not wish to spread any negativity towards that woman because we never know what someone might be going through. However, we wanted to raise awareness that there are better ways to handle situations as adults," they said.

"That was the classiest eat up ever," one person commented on the viral video.

"Don’t ever change either girl! Your energy is gorgeous! Don’t let customer service ever get you down," someone else encouraged.

"Girl you did so good! I'm not your parent but I'm d*mn proud of how you handled yourself in the face of such disrespect!" another viewer wrote.

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