A 27-year-old pregnant woman on Reddit says her father is furious that she refuses to name her baby after her abusive stepmom.

"Recently I got pregnant and my husband and I found out we are having a girl. My mom died one month before my wedding. My parents were divorced and my dad had previously got married to my stepmom, whom I hate," the expectant woman wrote.

Recently, the woman's dad mentioned she should name her daughter after her stepmother, Amanda.

Her dad recently mentioned that she should name her daughter Amanda, after her stepmom. When she informed him she plans to name the baby Valentina, after her biological mother, he became irate.

"My dad yelled at me saying it was disrespectful to not name my baby after my stepmom who abused me physically and mentally for years. I told my dad that I was going to cut him off until he supported my decision," she explained.

Now, most of her family is on her side "considering they hate my stepmom."

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Reddit users rallied behind the woman in the comments, with many suggesting she cut her dad out of her life.

"Sounds like your dad completely co-signs on the stepmom's abuse of you. He’s being abusive too. Forget them, the baby doesn’t need their weird abusive crap," one person wrote.

"There is no replacement for a happy, peace filled life surrounded with people you love and love you equally in return. The confusion I figured out was mistaking a blood relation as family. The current definition of family is outdated. A family is loving and nurturing," another wrote.

"Your dad needs to get through his thick skull that just because he was divorced from your mom, doesn't mean that she's not still your mom. What's disrespectful is him acting like he's entitled to deciding on what you name your baby, and on top of that yelling at you for not naming the baby after a woman he knows or openly ignores abused you," someone else commented.

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